Major Cat Arcana

Created by Nick Tofani

22 Card Major Cat Arcana Tarot Deck

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Project Update! ((Just a lil bummer))
about 1 month ago – Fri, Aug 06, 2021 at 10:20:22 PM

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Page Preview!
2 months ago – Tue, Jul 06, 2021 at 11:08:43 PM

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3 months ago – Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 10:22:35 PM

Woah!!! Thanks for your patience everyone! It was recommended I wait a few weeks for the kickstarter backings to process before sending out surveys, but now that that's settled please draw your attention to your inbox and go ahead and fill out those surveys for me!! You'll also have the opportunity to pick up an extra deck pre-order which I think is pretty neat! This will make fulfilling your order so much easier for me so get that stuff filled out when ya can. I say it every time, but thank you so much for your support with this project and I'll continue to update when I can! Have a good one!!!

We Did It!!!
4 months ago – Sun, May 23, 2021 at 02:46:33 PM

That's it! It's over!! I kid of course, there's still a lot to do, but WOW this project did way better than I ever dreamed and I'm so excited for getting these decks made for all the wonderful supporters. With that said over the next few days I'll be sending out surveys to all backers just to get the necessary info needed for future shipping of these. I'll be getting production started right away and I can't stop saying thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. AH! You folks rule!! Here's another picture of Cooper as a thank you!!

Updates will continue with production so keep an eye open for those emails! Have a good one!!!

4 months ago – Sun, May 16, 2021 at 08:50:09 PM

We're nearing the end! 3 goals hit!! This has been an incredible experience and all your support has meant the world to me. If you know of anyone that might want one of these decks do them a favor and let them know before we run out of time!! I can't wait to have these in our hands. Again, can't thank you all enough.